British Hemp Association

Our Mission

The purpose of the BHA is to:

Create and support a vibrant, profitable, and also localised hemp industry in the UK, providing;

  • Healthy foods and food supplements,
  • Sustainable, biodegradable, plant based products and
  • Environmental benefits for now and future generations.

How will it achieve its aims?:

  • Engaging with regulators and various government bodies to develop a strong and responsible industry.

  • Promoting a high level of standards and procedures for a transparent infrastructure and supply chain.

  • Bridging the gap between academic institutions, industry and sustainable funding to drive innovation and solve global challenges.

  • Lobby to re-designate the whole industrial hemp plant as an agricultural crop. 

  • Continue to contribute in the Defra government consultation on 'The Future for Food, Farming and the environment,' and promote the inclusion of hemp farming to qualify for agricultural and environmental subsidies
  • Lobby for farmers to be permitted to use industrial hemp seeds currently not listed on the EU seeds list which are more suited for the British climate.
  • Lobby for fair competition in the hemp industry.  To achieve this we need an increase in the amount of legal THC allowed in the hemp plant from 0.2% to at least 0.3% (as US, Canada) but preferably 1%, like Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand.  
  • Align with other hemp associations globally
  • Organise events for hemp enterprises
  • Encourage companies to invest in R&D for environmentally responsible hemp products, for example bioplastics
  • Provide an information resource
  • Promote and participate in education projects
  • Promote the use of hemp construction materials
  • Promote the use of high protein hemp seeds in the food sector
  • Provide information on best practice when selling health promoting hemp CBD supplements
  • Keep government, businesses and hemp enthusiasts informed via our newsletters and social media.

Benefits of Growing Hemp

Hemp is one of the most versatile, prolific & synergistic tools available to tackle key environmental challenges, such as CO2 & land contamination.

It bio-remediates contaminated soil, improves soil structure & nutrient levels, and can lead to greater yields in follow on crops, such as wheat.

Hemp grows without the need of pesticides or herbicides & needs minimal water.

It’s one of the most effective CO2 offsets, as it can grow up to 5 metres in only 3-4 months.

Hemp is a sustainable raw material & can make approx 10,000+ environmentally responsible & bio-degradable products including plastics, fuel & fibre.  

Most importantly Hemp can empower small local communities by providing local manufacturing & industry.