While they come from the same plant species, Cannabis Sativa, hemp products have only trace amounts of THC, the psychoactive chemical in marijuana. Industrial Hemp cannot get you high.

hemp has a long history in the u.k.

In 1533, King Henry VIII made hemp cultivation compulsory by law. For every 60 acres, farmers had to grow about 1/4 acre of flax or hemp, or else they would face a fine for breaking the law. They could even pay their taxes with Hemp.

present hemp situation in the u.k.

In the UK, it is estimated that the maximum area under cultivation is no more than 810 hectares.  By comparison,  in 2016, Europe cultivated over 33,000 hectares of industrial hemp an increase of more than 30% on the previous year.  

hemp is making a come back

Although the size of the UK hemp cultivation sector is currently extremely small, we are already bringing innovation to the industry through pioneering research at York University and other leading institutions.

hemp for humanity

Globally, hemp has been recognised for thousands of years as an extremely versatile, robust and environmentally friendly plant delivering considerable societal and economic benefits to people and communities.

make hemp farming accessible

For hemp to be a viable cash crop for our farmers and processors, we need to be allowed to utilise the entire plant.  The BHA's focus is to contribute to inform, educate and lobby for progressive and environmentally responsible legislative change.