Welcome to the BHA

Welcome to the British Hemp Association, and thank you for taking the time to look around our new website.

The British Hemp Association (BHA) began in June 2017 when a group of Hemp growers, enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, industrialists and environmentalists gathered at a small hemp farm in Reading.

Rebekah Shaman, a Hemp enthusiast and protagonist, and Nathaniel Loxley, a Hemp farmer, met at the European Industrial Hemp Association meeting. They decided that the United Kingdom needed an organisation that could bring all the voices of the domestic Hemp industry together to create a environmentally sustainable and thriving hemp industry. Their clarion call was what drew us all together for this first meeting of the BHA

The meeting was full of great ideas and many ways that the industry could be approached. This handful of people were all inspired enough to agree to start the ball rolling and begin putting together the British Hemp Association. There was so much enthusiasm and passion that we all looked forward to getting stuck in.

In the year that has passed we have seen many new members join, including companies that have been trading Hemp goods for decades, as well as young start up brands wishing to see the industry flourish.

The network connections that our members and directors have been forging not just since becoming BHA members, but for many years in their respective fields of expertise, be it in business or as a civil servant, have proved invaluable in the BHA gaining a lot of early support from important contacts within government and industry.

Many of our members have international links with countries and organisations that are already growing and promoting Hemp in their own territories with great success both financially but also environmentally. These members have been attending national and international industrial Hemp conferences and seminars, and all in order that they bring back the very best methods and standards of practice for the coming industrial boom that is set to hit the UK in the coming months and years.

As a member led organisation we are seeking to remove all the barriers to growth that are hindering a flourishing hemp industry, and support all players in the Hemp arena, including farmers, industrialists, producers, and consumers.

The way we intend on doing that is by lobbying, connecting and educating on the importance of this crop for a healthy and flourishing environment, sustainable products, and environmentally responsible British farming. We will also be bringing our members the most up to date news from around the world in the form of digital content, documentaries, interviews, exposés, a monthly newsletter and much more as we grow.

Any questions regarding Hemp or the work of the BHA should be directed via the email address available from the website.

Future blog posts will be written by a variety of contributors who all have a wealth of experience, contacts and stories to share when it comes to Hemp and the vibrant future possible with it.

We look forward to growing the Hemp Industry with you!

The British Hemp Association